About us

We are a company that focuses us to manufacture and produce products from stainless steel and aluminum.

We use Inventor drawing program, when we develop a new product or when the customer wants qualified

drawings and want a complete drawings from us, we also carry the CE marking of our machines

risk analysis and so on.

Contract manufacturing of all kinds from small parts in 0.5mm thickness to advanced designs up to

25 meters or more, varnished, galvanized or other desired surface treatment you can get from us.

We have many years of experience in Tig welding and Mig welding in stainless steel, aluminum.

If you have an idea or want a new supplier of some existing details come to us, we leave quote

and comes up with new ideas if you desired to improve or simplify your products.

We are a company that makes sure that the details you order of us has a very high quality

and that you get your details in time.

We are a modern welding company with many different specialties.

About us

Pice AB     Spångatan 16     343 34     Älmhult     info@pice.se

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